30 JUNE - 1 JULY 2018
International Lowlands Hema Gathering
Hilversum - The Netherlands


    What gear should I have with me?
    Insofar possible, we encourage participants to bring their own weapons. In a pinch, the AMEK can provide a few extra nylon wasters. Weapons should be well maintained and safe. Weapons that pose a danger to its users and/or others will not be allowed in the gym. As for protective gear, we encourage everyone to bring at least a fencing mask and gloves for the workshops. Extra equipment for sparring is of course encouraged. Make sure to keep your weapons and gear together or label them if necessary.
    For the longsword tournament, participants are asked to bring their own feder. As few participants will have special 'sparring messers', these will be provided for in the Messer tournament. There is a standard for the minimum amount of protective gear to be worn during tournaments. For specifics, see the tournament equipment guide.

    Are there showers and dressing rooms on location?
    Yes we have several showers available and dressing rooms.
    Also there are plenty of toilets in the facility.
    Do we wear specific clothing to the event?
    Please note that this is a Historical European Martial Arts event. Wear clothing and shoes that are suitable for sports and fighting. If your group has a uniform, we encourage you to wear it in the gym. As we aim to promote HEMA as a serious modern martial art, we would like to discourage participants from wearing re-enactment related clothing items. Also feel free to bring formal evening wear or similar for the Saturday evening dinner.
    Where do I stay during the event?
    Hilversum and the neighbouring cities Bussum, Soest and Utrecht offer plenty of hotels and hostels to stay. The nearest is hotel Lapershoek Arenapark. If you travel by train, keep in mind that the latest train departure from Hilversum Sportpark is 01.00 a.m. and the earliest arrival is 7.30 a.m.

    So I've arrived at Schiphol airport. Where do I go now?
    Take the train called 'Sprinter' in direction Hilversum to station Hilversum Sportpark. If you are travelling through Schiphol, please e-mail us your expected time of arrival.

    Is there an ATM near the gym?
    Yes, at Oosterengweg 68  there is an ATM of the bank ING, this is about a 10-minute walk from the arena. If possible, we would appreciate it if you could withdraw smaller banknotes, as that would make things easier on us. 

    What if I get hungry during the event?
    No problem, you can buy lunch and snacks at the bar.

    Will there be first aid on site? 
    Yes, there will be a dedicated first aid crew in the gym. More serious injuries can be treated in the Tergooi hospital nearby.

    Can I still volunteer to help at the event?
    Well thank you! We might still be in need of crew for the event itself. If you want to help, send us an e-mail at info@ilhg.nl. If you want to participate in one of the tournaments and also want to judge, please let us know in your registration, since you don't have to pay the tournament fee in this case.
    I’m new to HEMA. Help?
    There is nothing like an event like the ILHG to get you started within the wonderful world we call HEMA. There will be workshops suited for beginners and the worlds best fighters and instructors will be on hand to help you along. Give it a try! You will not only have a good time, you will also notice that your fighting skills will improve markedly.

    St Mark
    zwaard en volk
    Spes - Historical Fencing Gear
    Peter Regenyei
    PBT fencing
    The Renaissance Sword Club
    Zwaard & Steen
    Götenborgs Historiska Fäktskola
    Sumus Soldani